CPMS completes Liverpool Street Station power supply upgrade

3 September 2018

Liverpool Street Station power upgrade

CPMS is extremely proud to have project managed the renewal of low voltage switch panels and uninterruptible power supply units (UPS) at Liverpool Street Station.

SSE Ltd, the main contractor for the works, replaced over 50 switch panels in 13 separate rooms along with the construction and commissioning of three new dedicated UPS equipment rooms to provide backup power should the main source fail. To give an order of magnitude, the switch panels feed approximately 2,300 circuits and power the station and retail units.

Ensuring that all key and daily service operations were fully functioning during the station's operational hours meant that this complex and carefully planned programme required a collaborative effort between Network Rail, SSE Ltd, the station's maintenance delivery unit, the station duty and interface managers.

The project has been a great success and was delivered in a safe, timely and efficient manner, whilst also minimising disruption to station operations.

Tony Saunders, Network Rail Station Interface Manager said,

"Communication is key to successful projects, collaboration with the wider team and stakeholders is gained by transferring knowledge, sharing ideas, asking for help with solving problems and providing regular updates. This project has ticked all the boxes.

"In addition to successful delivery, this project made a significant contribution to reducing CO2 emissions by replacing the existing station concourse lights with LED luminaires, reducing the power required to light the station concourse. This meant that the number of UPS units was reduced from five to three, a significant saving to the cost of lighting the station and reducing CO2 emissions by approximately 290,000 tonnes per year."

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