CPMS project management used as efficiency case study in Network Rail Annual Report

11 September 2018

Great Eastern Mainline Renewal Project

CPMS project management of the Great Eastern Mainline Renewal Project is highlighted as key efficiency case study in the 2018 Network Rail Annual Report.

Since taking over this project, CPMS has worked tirelessly to find cost efficiencies and make use of all available track access.

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So far CPMS has delivered financial efficiencies of circa £7m and we anticipate total savings of circa £15m by completion in May 2019. This has been achieved by:

- De-layering the supply chain. CPMS facilitated a direct contractual relationship between Network Rail and specialist SME sub-contractors allowing for value engineering opportunities to be realised.
- CPMS implemented a new methodology to work with only two lines closed. This reduced train operator compensation payments and accelerated the programme with fewer full line closures.
- CPMS has implemented an integrated Network Rail / supplier project team resulting in organisational efficiencies.
- CPMS has increased productivity during all track access time slots by ensuring forward planning and implementing a 'manufacturing production line' approach to the delivery of wire runs. This has resulted in a holistic approach to delivery with suppliers focused and incentivised to complete enabling activities well in advance of the physical wiring works.
- CPMS tailored planning and preparedness processes ensure secured track access to complete the work to schedule.

Our inclusion in the 2018 Network Rail Annual Report can be found on page 16

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