Principal Contractor License obtained - Great Eastern Overhead Line

31 March 2015

CPMS successfully obtained a Principal Contractor Licence to enable Network Rail to directly deliver the Great Eastern Overhead Line Renewal Project. We also act as the Principal Contractors Representative, managing a team that discharge the duties of the Principal Contractor which facilitates the self delivery of this project.

This includes the creation and implementation of the Construction Phase Plan and planning, managing and monitoring of the construction phase from co-ordinating and deconflicting works to providing suitable site set-up and welfare.

Additionally we are making access improvements to the Anglia route to facilitate our future delivery requirements which will also leave a legacy of improved access for future works and the maintainer.

Last year we successfully passed 5 Audits on the Environment, Quality, Document Control, Adjacent Line Open process and the annual PC compliance audit.

We also introduced a bahvioural saftey programme which has seen 80+ office and front line staff go through IOSH Managing Safely training to raise the overall safety awareness and bahviours across the project. 

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