CPMS managed the design and asset protection interface with Network Rail on L&Q's South Grove development site in Walthamstow, North London. Due to the proximity of the site to the railway, L&Q were obliged to seek design approval from Network Rail across a number of critical packages before starting construction. L&Q also required aspects of the construction works to be undertaken within possessions, such as track/embankment monitoring and de-vegetation. CPMS were able to support L&Q and help streamline the process of achieving approvals from Network Rail without impact on their main works programme.

Key Challenge's and Key Innovation's: 

- Challenging Network Rail standard timescales and requirements
- Using proactive techniques to secure early possession access
- Working collaboratively with the asset protection team to demonstrate compliance
- Access to railway contractors to undertake key possession constrained works
- Reduction in abortive costs by utilising strategic design assurance

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