East West Rail Project

CPMS undertook environmental services on behalf of Network Rail on the East West Rail Programme, covering both Phases 1 and 2. Phase 1 is the detailed design and construction stage, here our CPMS Environment Manager advised the client team on all aspects of environmental management both on site and in the office. Alongside this we oversaw the contractor’s environmental management resource and guiding of the direction of the project’s environmental management.

Our CPMS Environment Manager has played an important role within the Phase 2 client team; engaging design consultants and more importantly engaging environmental impact assessment consultants in support of the future consenting process. The CPMS Environment Manager also managed the technical aspects of the ecological surveys and reporting. This process was crucial in gathering early ecological information to support the future development of this significant infrastructure project. As Network Rail moved towards an alliance model delivery strategy for Phase 2 the CPMS Environment Manager supported this process throughout the developments of remits, specifications and presentations at supplier forums/workshops.