Shenfield to Southend Victoria Railway Re-Electrification Project

Installing a new auto tensioned overhead line system and associated structures on the Shenfield to Southend Victoria line.

To assist the client on a technically challenging and politically sensitive programme of works, including complexity of existing infrastructure, restricted
engineering access and interface with the operational railway.

CPMS produced 9 potential delivery strategies, with a 9 day blockade agreed with the stakeholder and customer focus groups which reduced mid-week
night access and so reduced disruption to the public.

Services provided
Project management | Programme management |Design Management |Planning |Document control | Procurement | Construction management |Common Safety Method Risk Assessment


CLIENT – Network Rail
LOCATION – Anglia Route
START DATE – March 2015
END DATE – Ongoing
GRIP STAGES – 3 to 8


“Your personal commitment to the project was one which showed dedication and a true consideration for putting our customers first. The work we undertook together to arrange the blockade on the Southend line was a fantastic example of collaboration and resulted in a limited amount of impact for customers. The challenges put to your team by Greater Anglia were assessed competently and the right outcome was delivered when changes were needed. The rework of the WPPs reduced the overall impact to customers and the network was open for traffic which enabled weekend journeys to take place. The renewals undertaken really proved their worth during the recent hot weather Anglia experienced as there were no OHLE issues or disruption caused which we had experienced many time in the past.
I was also really pleased to see you and your eam meeting with customers before the blockade and helping the important communication plan which was required before the blockade. It was a pleasure working with you and the team through this work and I look forward to the next successful project we will see each other on again soon.” – Jay Thompson, Train Service Delivery Director, Greater Anglia 
6 - 12m