Engie – Rail Interface Management

Engie are currently partnered with Waltham Forest Council to complete the design and build of multi-use residential buildings at three different lineside developments within the Walthamstow area.

All three sites have a shared boundary with Network Rail infrastructure, with additional interfaces with London Underground Asset Protection (one site positioned above Victoria Line running tunnels) and with Rail for London (at one of their managed stations). There is a requirement to interface with all these parties to agree the design and method of construction, to ensure rail operations and assets are not impacted during the project.

CPMS managed the asset protection interface with Network Rail, London Underground and Rail for London on behalf of Engie, undertaking the following tasks:
• co-ordinating design submissions and operational teams working on site;
• negotiating and delivering support for the Basic Asset Protection Agreement
• undertaking dilapidation and condition surveys of affected rail assets;
• reviewing, advising and submitting Risk Assessments & Method Statements
and/or Work Package Plans for high risk work packages.

Services provided
Technical expertise | Review | Co-ordination | Communication | Collaboration | Surveys


CLIENT – Engie
LOCATION – Greater London
START DATE – November 2019
RIBA STAGES – 3 to 7


“Working on or next to the rail environment can be complex, time-consuming and expensive. To those not familiar with the technical and operational demands of the railway, these can be overlooked in the planning of lineside developments, and issues can come to light too late in the project that often require significant change to design or construction methods, which ultimately affects cost, programme or quality. CPMS’ expertise in design and construction management within the rail environment can help developers, like Engie, who don’t often work adjacent to the railway. We can provide the specialist guidance and practical support these types of project, to help guide them through the approval process with Network Rail, London Underground and other rail infrastructure owners.” – Antony Kelly, Senior Project Manager, CPMS Group