Helping to maximise Network Rail’s enterprise asset management capability

CPMS – together with ARUP – are working to improve Network Rail’s ability to capture, store and unlock the potential of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) for the railway.

Network Rail’s EAM system (digital asset register and maintenance work management system) underpins all maintenance activity. The current structure of the software is over 15 years old and doesn’t reflect the evolution of the business. To unlock the untapped potential of EAM we are working on two workstreams, Data Transformation and Advanced Operational Reporting.

Data Transformation
CPMS is working to make sure that source data is correct, complete and installing governance processes and procedures to ensure it remains the railways single source of truth. Correct and complete data will pave the way for Network Rail to utilise predict and prevent functionality for maintenance tasks and optimise asset performance.

Advanced operational reporting
We are working to implement a strategic set of KPIs for the client to understand, measure and monitor how EAM is being used. This process of converting data into management information will help to identify issues before they escalate, drive improvements and deliver efficiencies.