CPMS Attend Railway Industry Association (RIA) - Safety, Standards & Sustainability Technical Interest Group

24 January 2020

Scope of Event:

Skanska – NET ZERO BY 2045
How will Skanska become Net zero on carbon emissions by 2045.

Standards Update for SSSTI
Recent standards activity updates.

Network Rail R&D Portfolio
Key technologies in Robotics, data, energy, materials and autonomy and safety security and Operations.

Workforce Safety 2020
Revised vision and values for this year for the ISLG.

Information Learned:

Skanska – NET ZERO BY 2045
Chris Hayes, Sustainability Operations Director at Skanska gave a great presentation and talk on how Skanska are going to become Net zero on carbon emissions by 2045. This included how they have looked back at their business over the past 10 years to show data capturing direct emissions form site and their offices in the UK. They also included they're supply chain emissions. This showed carbon linked to spend, suppliers and projects.

Looking forward Skanska have de-carbonization projections detailing to 2030 on how they are going to be lowering carbon emissions. This included; materials used on sites, cost and carbon data hot spotting estimates at the start of value engineering.

Examples of low emissions included recycled steel, autonomous plant and hybrid vehicles, recycled aggregate, pre-cast CEMFREE concrete, structural pre-cast arches. It also included applying a whole life costing going right to the TOC and FOC.

Standards Update for SSSTIG
Tom Lee, Director of Standards at RSSB went through all recent standards activity which included a February annual report that is going to be published with the number of standard changes in 2019/2020, how many have been challenged and any deviations in place.

The RSSB have self-assessment tests on the website to help you gain a better understanding of how to use standards and how they link together.

The new industry standards are also going through a cleanup of the national standards, greater implementation of TSI, aligning domestic standards to European and introducing a document referencing system. It touched on Brexit and standards stating that we will still be bound by EU standards & regulations to at least the end of this December depending on which way Brexit will go. They highlighted all the standards that will be changing this year 2020 which included Worksite Handback procedures (March 20) and Line Side Signage (May 20) to name a few.

Network Rail R&D Portfolio
Key technologies in Robotics, data, energy, materials and autonomy were discussed. This was then broken down into projects including digitized line side protection, real cost of weather, asset criticality and weather resilience and electro kinetics.

The R&D part focused on Safety Security and Operations discussing projects on AHB+ Safety/operational 7 cost benefits, Meercat improved safety reductions in incidents, cryogenic railhead cleaning and security surveillance analysis. Network Rail explained how they demonstrate everything off the network but also on the live railway including ESR/TSR using agile technologies and runaway risk mitigation management for runaway plant. They stated that the supply change can engage with them anytime via their website and on their site, there are 50 NR challenge statements to go and read.

Workforce Safety 2020
Lynsey Gilfillan Chair of the Infrastructure Safety Leadership Group (ISLG) and works for Babcock Rail went through the revised vision and values for this year for the ISLG. The key message was putting our people 1st.

The performance of Yr. 18/19 was discussed and touched on how many fatalities and accidents happened over the Christmas period including a look at the LTFR for NR.

We were asked 'Do we understand the bigger picture? 'From this Lynsey highlighted a chart from the RM3 process model showing the top 3 areas affecting safety which are:
Change management
Organizational culture in different parts of the railway
Workload planning

The ISLG have working groups that anyone can join along with workstreams on the ISLG website, our team will be joining one!

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