CPMS Attend Railway Industry Association (RIA) - Technical Interest Group

29 January 2020

Scope of Event: 

Gareth Evans, Professional Head of Track at NR shared his current thinking, while NR RIDC technical lead Pete Ellis and Graham Lewis updated us on NR's investment in a fully instrumented drainage test facility at RIDC.

Prof. Peter Woodward, leader of the High Speed Rail group at Leeds University told us about the exciting development of a completely new infrastructure test facility in partnership with HS2 – an ambitious project of some scale.

Jenny Cooke, Senior Project Engineer (Buildings and Civils) at NR examined the impact of climate change on design in her talk on 'Infrastructure Resilience - designing for climate change' as well as briefing us on the sustainability projects in NR's R&D programme.

Gareth Evans - NR Head of Track

Discussed maintenance elements and what his team do on a daily basis. Talking through the challenges faced with regards to access, maintenance regimes, lifespan of assets and changes in the operation and additional usage.

He had 4 'Holy Grails' which he wants ideas on:-

1) Train borne inspections of S&C units

2) Train borne non-destructive measurement of rail stress

3) Line speed rail non-destructive testing

4) Prevention/detection of rail foot fatigue defects

I.e. with access becoming more and more limited and with them still being a maintenance regime of physically needing someone to go and look at it - how can they modernise and get more elements done remotely/through on track equipment

Peter Woodward - University of Leeds

Peter gave a very interesting lecture about the High Speed Rail Infrastructure Test Facility next to the proposed HS2 depot at Leeds which the University of Leeds are building. It will have first of its kind testing equipment for both Infrastructure and Vehicle testing.

Jennifer Cooke - NR Senior PE

Jennifer discussed climate change and designing with resilience in mind. The changed climate change standard (out in March) was discussed and she also mentioned that resilience and de-carbonisation elements will find themselves in the GRIP process in the near future.

The final talk of the day was by the head of RIDC and was about them building drainage test facilities at the 2 sites. Going to use it for a variety of testing from product acceptance, to understanding drainage better, to new installation techniques. 

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