CPMS Employee Spotlight - Graduate Programme

18 February 2020

Name: Farah Sajwani
Role: Project Management Assistant (Graduate)
Length of time at CPMS: 15 Months

What's involved in your role?
My current rotation on the CPMS graduate scheme is in Design Management for the Mk1 OLE Project. In addition to providing support to the Scheme Project Manager in charge of design, I am personally leading on the management of NRDD undertaking circa £250k of System Design Updates to the UKMS-R1 range of OLE and overseeing the Interface Management with all third parties on the Mk1 project. On a day to day basis, I manage the flow of Requests for Information (RFIs), Technical Queries (TQs), and Route Early Warnings (EWNs), between the designers, our Project Engineers and our client and the Anglia Route, which involves a hands-on approach to keep the project on programme.

I'm enjoying learning about how the designers work together in order to complete the UKMS-R1 design range – from the various technical conversations and solutions they propose through to the finished drawings they produce. Although I do find the technical side a challenge at times, it's been a great learning opportunity for me.

Alongside my current role, I am learning more about commercial and planning processes, that will not only help with my next rotation but will support my development in becoming a fully rounded Project Manager.

I have been on the Mk1 Project since November 2018 and have completed a number of rotations in this time, including working directly with the Senior Project Manager and CPMS Director, Tim Galvani to secure approval of GRIP 3 which involved attending regular meetings with the Sponsor and the creation, collation and sign-off of multiple deliverables.

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