CPMS develops Strategic Outline Business Case for Enfield Council

15 January 2019

Meridian Water Railway Station

CPMS - in conjunction with our partner Arup – are supporting the London Borough of Enfield (Enfield Council) to build a strategic outline business case for rail infrastructure investment needed to unlock the development of 10,000 homes at Meridian Water.

CPMS provide the technical expertise to explain how and why investment will unlock development potential through increased rail capacity and support the bids for funding from the Ministry of Housing Communities and Local Government (MHCLG), Department for Transport (DFT) and third-party investors.

The number of homes that can be developed is directly linked to the frequency of trains servicing Meridian Water Station. Current rail infrastructure only allows for two trains per hour to call at Meridian Water Station. To fully realise the development potential of the area six to eight trains (at peak times) are needed. Our rail experts are considering the engineering, timetabling and pedestrian flow technicalities involved, while also taking into consideration the impact on the existing rail network.

CPMS also produced a feasibility report and developed a management framework integrating the various stakeholder requirements, including the recently announced DFT Market Led Proposal initiative. This management framework offers Enfield Council a structured methodology for navigating the often complex route to attracting and securing third party rail investment.

This commission, coupled with the design and cost estimating work that CPMS has undertaken on other third-party investment schemes provides an ideal solution for any organisation, company or developer looking to work closely with the rail industry to exploit opportunities that can be had for all parties.

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