CPMS use innovative survey technology to minimise passenger disruption and improve site safety

6 June 2019

Electrification renewal CPMS

CPMS Programme and Project Management are working on behalf of Network Rail to develop the design for a large overhead line refurbishment programme from Fenchurch Street Station to Hornchurch Station, as well as the Tilbury Loop Line.

The current overhead line system -installed in the 1960s - has been identified for refurbishment in advance of reaching life expiry. Refurbishment will improve service reliability and reduce the time needed for maintenance. CPMS was chosen to project manage this renewal following the successful delivery of the Great Eastern Mainline and Shenfield to Southend overhead renewal programmes.

In two days CPMS captured 80 linear miles of track topographical data needed to inform design using the innovative RILA (Rail Infrastructure Alignment) system. Specifically designed camera and survey equipment was mounted to the front of a train and captured millimeter accurate topographical and photographic data quickly and efficiently. The data gives designers and engineers the key information that they need to progress designs quickly with the ability to review without having to physically revisit the site to underpin design assurance.

This approach has saved the project time and money as well as unlocking safety benefits for staff. This technology also avoids significant passenger disruption that would normally be required for traditional daylight survey methods.

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