Supporting our Employees

24 April 2020

During this time of uncertainty, with anxieties running high people react in different ways whether that be emotionally, mentally or operationally. To ensure the positive well being of our employees we have implemented a number of new initiatives. 

Our initiatives have included a company wide weekly conference call with Mat Baine our MD. A weekly newsletter providing positive well being solutions, celebrating employee achievements and Birthdays, whilst also promoting in-house virtual peer training which is taking place to support personal development of employees whilst at home and ensure that our new starters feel welcomed to the team. Of course, we cannot forget our team socials, which have been transferred into virtual quiz nights, where the whole team can interact and come together.

Whilst we have been looking after the well being of CPMS employees, they have been busy supporting both their local and wider communities. Individuals have been busy checking in and shopping for neighbours, volunteering at local farms, clapping for our carers and most recently taking part in the 2.6 challenge that was launched across the UK to support charities.

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