On track for Phase 2! – Meridian Water

On track for Phase 2! – Meridian Water

Meridian Water is a major £6bn, 25-year, regeneration programme led by the Enfield Council, North London. The programme includes the building of a new rail station at Meridian Water (Phase 1), the enhancement of existing rail infrastructure to allow for a substantial increase in train frequency through the station (Phase 2) and the regeneration of brown field land to make place for the construction of 10,000 new homes and the creation of 6,000 jobs (Phase 3) in Enfield, next door to the beautiful Lee Valley Regional Park.

Work on Phase 1 of the programme started in 2015 when the Infrastructure Team at CPMS was commissioned to work alongside Network Rail to provide Early Contractor Involvement and Project Management services to build the new Meridian Water railway station. Phase 1 was successfully completed in 2019.

In 2018, building on the success of its collaborative relationship with CPMS, Enfield Council further engaged the CPMS Infrastructure Team to start work on Phase 2. This involved studying the existing West Anglia Main Line infrastructure around Meridian Water rail station and identifying innovative and cost-effective ways to upgrade it to allow a significant increase in train frequency.

For two years, the Team worked relentlessly on the site and produced a wide range of multidisciplinary feasibility reports which efficiently balanced the maintenance, operational and timetable constraints and priorities of the various rail stakeholders, such as train and freight operating companies, Network Rail, the Greater London Authority and government departments. Finally, in August 2020, the CPMS Infrastructure team put forward a design
which included the creation of a passing track loop at Ponders End. This innovative solution was pivotal in the Enfield Council outline business case, successfully enabling it to pass the Rail Network Enhancement Pipeline (RNEP) stage gate and receive DfT approval.

The CPMS Infrastructure Team continues to support Enfield Council as Phase 2 of the project now commences the ‘Decision to Design’ stage with a scheduled completion date of December 2023.