Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental Policy

As Directors we are committed to the effective health, safety, quality,and environmental performance of CPMS and have overall responsibility for health, safety, qualityand environmental matters. We are all required to accept responsibility for our actions, to safeguard our own health, safety and working environment and that of third parties who may be affected by our activities. CPMS policy is to provide a professional service delivered by competent safety-conscious staff to fulfil our contractual obligations, exceed customer expectations,and ensure that health, safety and environmental risks from our activities are identified and effectively managed. Pursuant tothis Policy we shall:

  • Provide suitable and sufficient resources to comply with our health, safety, quality,and environmental duties
  • Regularly assess environmental aspects and impacts associated with Company activities
  • Commit toprotectthe environment usingsustainable resourcesand to reduce our impact on climate change.
  • Set and monitor SMART HSQE objectives toimprove HSQE performance
  • Monitor, manage and prevent instances of occupational ill health
  • Include HSQEconsiderations in investment decisions
  • Continually strive to reduce the number of accidents/incidents within our workplace and prevent injury to staff and members of the public
  • Encourage staff involvement, participation and cooperation
  • Work with suppliers to maintain high quality standards
  • Provide suitable and sufficient Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Investigate all reported accidents, incidents, near misses, close calls and dangerous occurrences and implement corrective action as required
  • Manage Occupational Road Risk (MORR) associated with our Drivers and Vehicle Fleet
  • Identify competence requirements and achieve and maintain competence through training and development
  • Identify threats of pollution from our activities and ensure they are prevented and effectively managed
  • Practice safebehaviours and re-educate unsafe behaviours

The company maintains HSQE management systems registered tostandards ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and ISO45001:2018 and is focussed on continual improvement of our products and services for both our internal and external Customers. We will provide the opportunity to provide input to procedures followingour consultation procedure and,following consultation,these shall be effectively communicated throughout the company, members of the public and other interested parties on request using appropriate media. This Policy will be reviewed at least annually or where instigated by changes to legislation, standards, Organisation activities or risks associated with such activities.