Systems and Intellectual Property Policy

Collaborative Project Management Services Limited (CPMS) values the input of all its employees, suppliers and subcontractors and the values, intelligence and professionalism that they discharge through the company. To this end, CPMS is keen to protect the implicit knowledge and intellectual property that is gathered, developed, created, designed and used by the company. This policy statement sets out CPMS’s requirements to protect its Intellectual property and the confidential information thatis held whilst under the employment or contract of the company:

  • No reproduction, sharing, copying or linking information to or from the company’s website or intranet is allowed without prior permission from the company.
  • Any use of the company’s name, logo or other associated material will be done in line with the Companies Brand Guidelinesand reviewed and approved prior to use by a company director.
  • All processes, procedures, applications, documents, databases, data and information that constitute the development or discharge of company knowledge or experience whilst under contract will by default become the company’s intellectual property unless prior consent is given for this to be relinquished.
  • All data and information held by employees or subcontractors pertinent to the company’s business will be subject to review by the company where not stored on the company’s internal document storage system.
  • CPMS prides itself on upholding the best ethical and moral business practices, therefore the company will not accept any misuse, abuse or inappropriate use of its IT equipment, systems or by association, its brand during and/or post contractual relationships.
  • The company acknowledges that, at any given time, it may be in possession of data, information relevant to the activities of any specific client and thus commits to hold this data/information confidentially and in a secure way so as not to expose any Client organisation in any way outside of the terms of contract.
  • CPMS sets out to avoid any conflict of interest in relation to its business or that of its Clients. To this end, any data/information held by the company on behalf of others will not be used to further its own business gain nor seek any competitive advantage.
  • All information held by the company will be compliant with the Data Protection Act and subsequent EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and in-line with the requirements of ISO27001.

This policy is to be read in conjunction with the CPMS Data Protection Policy Documentsand the Information Security Handbook.