Sustainable Future Policy

Collaborative Project Management Services Limited (CPMS) is committed to the pursuit of best practice in the purchase of sustainable products in accordance with this policy, working collaboratively with its clients and the supply chain to deliver sustainable projects to the highest standard.
This means that CPMS shall apply the following practices:
•Products shall be procured from approved suppliers that provide documentation to demonstrate that products are sourced from sustainable sources •Initial assessment and evaluation of the health, safety and environmental systems of suppliers
•Continual monitoring of supplier compliance with sustainability in accordance with our supply chain management procedure
•Ensuring that products are procured from legal sources
•Ensuring that suppliers of certified sustainable timber are certificated to Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and certification chain of custody certification bodies are used
CPMS create infrastructure, support communities, and enable growth to deliver community benefits and additional social value.We assist our customers and staff members to maximise social, economic, and environmental well-being of local communities in accordance with The Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012 and The Procurement Reform (Scotland) Act 2014. CPMS is committed to:
Employment and Skills:
•Providing our employees with new skills for the future
•Creating employment opportunities within the communities that we work
•Providing work opportunities for small, medium, micro-sized businesses, social enterprises and minority owned businesses
•Procuring goods and services locally where possible
•Demonstrable environmental excellence on our projects
•Lead the way in delivering our clients’ commitments to environmental protection, including:
  1. Minimising waste, carbon, and water intensity of our projects
  2. Preventing pollution to air, land and water
  3. Proactive compliance with environmental legislation and guidance from regulatory authorities
  4. Promoting sustainable and ethical procurement Continuously improving our standards, efficiency, and effectiveness
•Exceed the expectations of our stakeholders and invest in building relationships with our neighbours, together with our clients, through:
Implementation of effective communication strategies
Appreciating community needs and contributing positively to local initiatives
Leaving a measurable legacy of an improved community quality through our projects.
Carrying out volunteering activities that deliver benefits to local communities and charities
Working with charities on key themes to delivery additional benefits to the communities
Supporting our people to live healthier lives
Workplace and Integration:
•Create a working environment with clients where all employees and associates can excel
•Be one team, with clients and suppliers, to form an effective project team with no discernible difference between members of the organisations involved
•Ensure that everybody within the project team is afforded the respect and support required to deliver successfully, growing personally and professionally
•Actively promote, safety, health, well-being, and life balance so that everyone has the opportunity to live a successful and rewarding life Company Growth
•Quantifiable and sustainable business growth working with our clients to deliver our mutually beneficial needs delivering value, performance, and a proactive attitude to delight our customers
•Continuous improvement in everything we do to support company growth and excellent sustainability performance
CPMS is committed to paying a living wage for all employees. A living wage is defined as financial compensation that reflects what individuals need to support themselves and their families above the poverty line, based on the actual cost of living in a specific community. A living wage helps the essential costs of living and an improved standard of living for low-wage individuals and families. CPMS will conduct an annual review of the cost of living in our communities and update the living wage we pay to our employees when the cost of living changes.
We will communicate this policy to our employees, supply chain partners and relevant interested parties and review it on an annual basis.